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dedicated to serving our customers and community

Committed to catering to our customers and the local community, Our inventory includes a range of offerings for those looking to venture into the realm of cannabis, as well as for those already deeply involved and eager to delve deeper. Our goal is to create a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Our Vision

Our mission is to ensure the safety and accessibility of the cannabis realm for all. We strive to enlighten and support newcomers to cannabis products, while also aiding those who are advancing further on their cannabis journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite all our patrons with exceptional cannabis and memorable moments by offering an extensive array of premium cannabis products, and by delivering an unmatched recreational cannabis experience as a reliable retail collaborator.


We are constantly looking to expand our team with highly motivated and talented individuals. We are a forward-thinking company seeking bright & ambitious additions who will work well with our team. We welcome all applications as we are always opened to evaluating candidates.

An Uplifting Cannabis Experience!

JDM represents the hindu goddesses and sisters Dipo and Jopodi. The J stands for Jopodi, the D stands for Dipo and M stands for Goddess.

JDM Cannabis Team

Victor Patel


My name is Victor Patel and I was born in Paliyad, Gujarat, India. After my family moved to America, I worked in the retail industry for over twenty years. My family and I own retail establishments throughout Massachusetts. My family and I wanted to branch out into the cannabis industry. JDM Cannabis is our second cannabis store and I hope to expand to many more with blessings. My family and I are very excited and happy to give back to Blackstone. We will be donating 3% of all earnings to the Town to help the community.

Andrew Pistone

General Manager

My name is Andy and I’m 28 years old. I grew up in LA for my entire life. I have been working in the cannabis industry since I was 18 in the San Fernando valley. I worked my way up from front desk, to budtender, to manager of a 16,000 sq ft storefront and cultivation. After being there for 10 years I had a job opportunity for a different dispensary opening in Lompoc so I decided to leave LA and move to Lompoc in January 2019. I loved my time in Lompoc but always had a soft spot for New England. I decided to look for opportunities for work in the Massachusetts area and ended up landing my dream job with an unbelievable team at JDM Cannabis. After receiving my offer letter within a week all my bags were packed and moved 3000 miles to my new home and haven’t looked back since!

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